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Planned Giving At Trinity Ministries Group Inc.

Trinity Ministries Group Inc. wants you to know about some different ways you can give to the ministry that will also return benefits to you.


Your gifts to TMG help with Scholarships for families in need.  Life's circumstances in our community at times leave families without resources.  Scholarships have allowed many families to get help at crisis times when they normally could not afford these services.

Your gifts to TMG help with our community seminars.  Our presentations of information related to relationships, boundaries, dealing with stress, decision making, and healthy spiritual growth are designed to serve as a proactive approach to building healthy community.

Your gifts to TMG help with community outreach.  We invite nationally known authors and speakers (i.e. Dr. Greg Smalley; Brennan Manning etc) to share insights at conferences.

Your gifts to TMG help our development of serving as a training facility for therapists wanting to learn how to integrate a passionate relationship with Christ with strong clinical counseling skills.  This also allows us to develop special programs that are creative approaches to community needs.

Your gifts to TMG help our addiction program.  In this age of compulsive/impulsive behavior we are meeting community needs head-on with proven methods of recovery for the whole family.

All gifts are tax-deductible.  All gifts go to your designated area of interest.

To find out more or how you can donate contact one of our office staff at 

(559) 738-0700 today.

Trinity Ministries is a Training Facility and has immediate openings to assess your needs


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